Desireable as a Hybrid

Desireable as a Hybrid

In a list of cars which, had they been made in a hybrid option people would be interested in buying them, the Chrysler 300C was an interesting inclusion, or maybe not. The 300C is one of the biggest, most impressive looking luxury cars you will see patrolling the streets and just because it can adjust its amount of engine usage when it doesn't need all of its cylinders, it is probably the last luxury car you would think of when discussing environmentally friendly limousines.

So, with our politicians and government officials constantly being berated and caught out over their use of the more luxurious limousines, as opposed to the more environmentally friendly hybrids, it may not come as much of a surprise that a hybrid 300C would be snapped right up.

But it is hard to imagine the 300C being any more popular than it already is. The 300C is a unique luxury car in that it has all of the style, class and luxury of Bentley, with all of the power, strength and imposing form of a Hummer. As such the Chrysler 300C is popular with men and women, kids and pensioners and you can see this in the colour choices the 300C luxury cars and limousines are now available in.

Pink, black, white, cream; the Chrysler limousines were even the ones which started the revolution to bring back scissor doors, first ogled over when released by Lamborghini. Of course those passengers hiring a 300C for their hen's or stag night, or for a trip to the theatre may not be as interested in a hybrid Chrysler as those who know the true price of style.

Government departments, corporate hire contracts and politicians are likely to be the most pleased if a hybrid 300C does come to pass as not only can they assuage their guilt over their luxury car use, they can also keep the public, the customers and their votes happy.

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