Hybrid SUV

Hybrid SUV

We all love driving around in our SUVs don't we? Love being up above everyone else, well at least everyone else not in an SUV too. And there is nothing like hiring an SUV party bus limousine for a big night out as the impression you will create and the fun you will have with all of the extras is unrivalled.

However, SUVs are under a lot of pressure because of the amount of fuel they use in a time when every man, woman, child and dog is expected to be reducing their carbon footprint. So, while this latest hybrid SUV is yet to be stretched for your weekend fun, it can't be far away because the Chevy Tahoe has already shown that it is not afraid to try something new and improved.

The 2008 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid has already been named Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal and it is no wonder because making a huge hulking SUV use little or no fuel is quite an achievement. As the first full size hybrid SUV to come out of the US, the 2008 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid is making waves, and thankfully fewer emissions.

It is currently available in two or four wheel drive and has the same power and capabilities as an ordinary SUV vehicle with surprising fuel efficiency. The hybrid propulsion system operates in three ways, using electric power, engine power and any combination of the electric and engine power it needs to. And it doesn't even need to be told because when the SUV needs the extra power, the Vortec V8 kicks in unnoticed and when you are able to conserve fuel and power, the two lightweight 60 kW motors will keep you moving.

But is there ever a time when the SUV can operate as a hybrid and actually conserve fuel? Well the manufacturer is quick to assure that the two mode technology, coupled with the company's Active Fuel Management system can give 50% better fuel economy in the city that the non-hybrid version of the Tahoe.

While hybrid SUV limousines may be a while away, pass the time by contacting us and organising a ride in the old fashioned kind.

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